About PMT

Pacific Media Technologies has been in business more than 25 years and provides consulting and distribution services in the film/video production and broadcast businesses.

Based in Northern California, PMTech has extensive experience working with UK companies to promote their products in the US market and handle importation, customs and logistics issues.

We have been working with Photon Beard for 3 years but it is with the introduction of several new products, that we have sufficient product differentiation from better known US suppliers to really make inroads in the US market.

With the recent launch of the PB80 "LEDHead" and HMI Platinum Blonde, things have changed a lot.  Although there are many small location LED lights these days the PB80 is unique.  A small lightweight source that can be run off AC or batteries it offers the kind of shadow casting and modelling not possible from other small LEDs.  In the world of HMIs the Arri M18 is currently very popular and is a nice light.  It is also quite large, heavy and expensive and has a reputation for periodically tripping 20 Amp breakers.  The Platinum Blonde has a similar quality of light, although not quite as bright as the M18, but is much less expensive, smaller, lighter and comes as standard with a high speed Power gems ballast.  It also uses a bulb that is 1/3 the price of that used in the M18, important for heavy users such as rental houses.

PMTech is run by Pete Challinger, an industry veteran with wide experience who can be reached at petec@pmtech.com   @vinapete